Preview the new Installation slideshow for Ubuntu 10.04

The proposed slides for inclusion in the Ubuntu 10.04 installer have been made available to preview on line.

The slides, which play during installation of Ubuntu, have been redesigned to fit in with the new branding of Ubuntu 10.04 .

For anyone unfamiliar with the installer slide show the slides play during the ‘actual’ installation of Ubuntu to your hardrive and are designed to succinctly and briefly introduce new users to key applications and concepts within Ubuntu. Dylan McCall, one of the developers of the slideshow, further stresses the importance of the slideshow on his blog, saying: –

The idea is really summed up in the first slide: Through this I want to encourage new users to explore Ubuntu and really discover how awesome it is (instead of what buttons to press).

Separate slide-shows for each of the main Ubuntu ‘spins’, including Ubuntu Netbook Remix, are currently planned.

To view the proposed slides online vists

Ubuntu 10.04 Live CD Installer gets improved

The Ubuntu 10.04 Live CD has ditched the boring ‘black on white text’ menu approach and instead delivers up a GUI menu. Whilst we’re still 2 months away from the final installer design, here’s a quick peek at it as it currently exists: –

So you’ve download and burnt your Ubuntu 10.04 Live CD, you pop it into your disc tray and whirr up.

The first screen is a blink and you miss it affair.

Screenshot-Ubuntu Testing [Running] - VirtualBox OSE

Still using the old logo, the screen essentially tries to convey “hit a button to see other options”. Doing so will take you to the, by now, familiar menu screen where you can select options such as OEM install, memory test, disc check, etc.

Screenshot-Ubuntu Testing [Running] - VirtualBox OSE-1

The new look menu

But what happens if you don’t press a key during the fleeting all-but-a-second the first screen show for? Lo and behold you see the gorgeous new Ubuntu Plymouth boot screen whizzing by your eyes before fading into this menu: –


This screen replaces the text menu of old and you’ll now notice that languages are now presented on the left-hand side rather than in a pop-up selection screen. (See below)

Old Look: –


‘Clicking the ‘Try Ubuntu 10.04’ buttons takes you straight to the Live CD desktop so you can fool around with the latest and greatest OS.


Clicking on ‘Install Ubuntu 10.04’ does, not surprisingly, initialize the installation walkthrough.

The set-up steps haven’t changed dramatically so far, you’re still presented with pretty much the same screens as in the Alpha bar a few tweaks here and there: –

image image

image image

Screenshot-Ubuntu Testing [Running] - VirtualBox OSE-9 Screenshot-Ubuntu Testing [Running] - VirtualBox OSE-10

Some screenshots very kindly provided by NCLI

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