Lyrebird renames to Nightingale, Songbird for Linux lives on

Songbird for Linux, whilst officially no-longer supported, will continue to live on thanks to a community driven effort.

The project, which was originally titled Lyrebird, finally has a definitive new name: Nightingale.

Very apt.

The team is made up of many longtime Songbird contributers so hopefully with some dedication to the Linux platform amongst them they can come up with a something sweet.

You can check out their official site over @

OMG! Ubuntu!

Songbird halts major support for linux

As many of you know we’re hard at work on NOFX and the release is looking really good – lots of cool improvements, including video playback. Some of you have noticed that the Linux version has fallen behind, leading to some heated, but healthy debate internally about how to prioritize the development hopper.

After careful consideration, we’ve come to the painful conclusion that we should discontinue support for the Linux version of Songbird. Some of you may wonder how a company with deep roots in Open Source could drop Linux and we want you to know it isn’t without heartache.
 We have a small engineering team here at Songbird, and, more than ever, must stay very focused on a narrow set of priorities. Trying to deliver a raft of new features around all media types, and across a growing list of devices, we had to make some tough choices.

Article continued @ Songbird Blog

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