elementary Icons gets updated

Like Jet Fighters and Punching.
This release is loaded will all kinds of whoopass. This is that next level that shows why elementary is different from the competition. More and better monochromes, more and better mimetypes, more and better apps. Not to mention this release marks the start of an effort to have every icon from 16px to 128px

As always, Donations much appreciated.

Inspect the PPA here: https://code.launchpad.net/~elementaryart

Officially Tested on:
Ubuntu 10.04 – GNOME

elementary Monochrome DOES NOT WORK ON DARK PANELS

+ More icons in more sizes!
+ Increased rendering performance of some icons.
+ Merged in a lot of changes from Humanity.
+ enhanced monochrome icon set!
+ Symlink fixes.
+ Better Mimes.
+ Better Apps.

Get them now!

Ubuntu team puts their icons into purple…

With the familiar brown tones of Ubuntu of yore being replaced with nice vibrant purple hues in the recent re-branding, the  “purplification” of the default icon set had to occur  sooner or later.
In updates to the new Ubuntu icon sets ubuntu-mono and Humanity some icons have started to receive just that – having their old human colourings made-over with distinctive orchis highlights. So far 11 icons in these icon sets have undergone “purplification“. (See image above)
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