Eye of GNOME will help you when setting image as wallpaper

The GNOME Image Viewer

Do you remember, when you set an image as wallpaper through EOG, then gnome-appearance-properties was opened at the wallpapers tab, allowing you to align the picture as you wish?

Forget it, it is already a history. Now The latest version of EOG is getting better, and better. Now when you try to set a picture as wallpaper, a nice pop-up dialogue will show up, asking you does you need to modify the image appearance, if no – defaulting to zoom. So if you are using latest development version of GNOME, be sure that you have this nice improvement, other way, just wait until your great distro includes the new stable version of GNOME – 2.30.

PS: Other long-waited improvement is, that, you will finally be able to load animated GIF’s through EOG, So prepare to be surprised with these improvements in the GNOME’s final release soon!

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