Shutter 0.86 adds new features and a lot of bugfixes

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This is the next step of evolution. Shutter 0.86 is out and adds reasonable new features and includes a lot of bugfixes to make your screenshot taking experience better.

Redo Last Screenshot

Are you tired of selecting the same region of your screen several times until you have the perfect screenshot? Do you want to capture the same window multiple times to create a step-by-step guide?

In this case you will love Shutter’s new ‘Redo last screenshot’ feature. It allows you to redo the last screenshot without doing a selection again.

You can even redo every single screenshot in your session – easy isn’t it?


You want to hide private content from your screenshots? Check out the new Pixelize tool…

New Callout Shapes

We have added some nice callout shapes to the DrawingTool. Due to the fact that these files are in SVG format they can nicely be resized – here are some examples:

PDF + SVG Export

Shutter now uses cairo to render PDF and SVG documents. What does this mean to you? It allows you to export your current drawing to SVG format that can be edited with any vector graphics program, e.g. Inkscape. Additionally  PDF Export is integrated in the main program now and can be launched directly from the File menu.

Copy URL To Clipboard (FTP Upload)

When uploading into a FTP server’s directory that is accessible via HTTP you can now configure the website’s URL. This URL will be copied to clipboard when uploading. You can now use the URL to view your screenshot in your favorite browser or paste it into a web-forum etc..

Built-In Notifications

This version introduces a built-in notification system. Systemwide notification systems like Ubuntu’s Notify-OSD are not primarily designed to be used by in the way we want to use it and do have some limitations, e.g. you can not close the notifications immediately, that are critical in the context of taking screenshots.

The built-in system allows us to use the messages in a more flexible way. There are already some more features planned for future version, e.g. a button to cancel a running countdown. Users with lean desktop configurations where no notification daemon is installed, e.g. pure fluxbox, can now use the built-in system as well.

Please note that you can still use the system’s notification system if you wish. There is a setting in the preferences.

Detailed changelog is available here.

Downloads and PPA are available here

logoShutter – Featureful Screenshot Tool

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