Nautilus gets nice thumbnail borders

Nautilus icon.svg

As I told you in the previous post about the nice thumbnails borders, that are coming into Nautilus, they are already a fact. Thanx to the nautilus developers for the fast reaction and Hylke Bons for his cool improvement! So if u cant see these borders, just update your system and they will be just on the right place.

the old look                                                                  &                                                                    the new look

Besides that amongst the other changes in Nautilus:

  • Don’t show weird border around desktop
  • Correctly put focus on view for new windows
  • Extra view does not get focus when created
  • Add nicer thumbnail border
  • Fix crash when hiding search bar
  • Support AIFF for audio preview

Even more… whoopee!

Nice thumbnails borders are coming into Nautilus

Nautilus icon.svg

We know that this is one of the bad little things in Nautilus that matters and need to be changed.

Hylke Bons, on the GNOME mailing list, has offered up his improvement on and as he says:

"I made a new thumbnail frame for image previews in nautilus. The current looks
old and really needed some love.
In my opinion, it looks much nicer and less crude than the current."

You can see the changes below:

the old look

and the new one

This change is going to be included in Nautilus in short (but i think, not in time for Lucid), so we are waiting for it.

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