Yet another thingy, this time for the real GNOME dock :) This theme i made it to match the elementary project by DanRabbit and shiki-colors & gnome-colors by perfectska04. Hope to like it and, then vote up, but if u vote down, please drop a line, just to tell the community why you don’t like it, otherway i won’t be able to fix it…

N’joy it


0.1 – initial release

0.2 – some tweaks like rounded down corners, autohide, when window is maximized or fullscreen, applications with the same ID, are now like sub-docks of the main.

0.3 – changed the yes/no dialog buttons

0.4 – changed the separator in elementary white/gray color and added 2 more in addition.

1.0 – many new changes like adding 2 new docks, left & right, some detached applets and other improvements made to match the DanRabbit’s Elementary Mockup :)

2.0.1 – a lot of fixes, added main menu button with apps using script from here: by carrara47, also included in the theme folder.

PS: PLEASE read the file README.FIRST inside the archive to understand how to made this effect i’ve got on the screenshot, ti will take you not more than 3 minutes to make it. then restart CD and voila! :)

2.0.2 – a little bug-fix with the taskbar, sorry :)

2.0.4 – minor changes to the baloon popup, added direct link to the carrara47’s cairo-menu script

2.0.5 – a minor change of BG and the radius of the corners, suggested by DanRabbit, thanx :)

2.1.0 – fixed 1 annoying bug with the startup / gnome integration and added new indicator of the running programs.

2.2.0 – some minor changes to the interface and updated to work with new version on Cairo-Dock 1.6.3

2.3.0-RC3 – various tweaks and minor changes, also added support to Cairo-Dock-2.0.0-RC3

2.3.0-RC4 – minor but nice changes, indicator to show that the program is under sub-dock, fixed the round corner

2.3.0-RC5 – fixes with the applets, removed the switcher applet and moved the places applet to the center, because of the causing the freezing of the other applets (report bug to the cairo-dock’s developers), little tweak with sub-dock’s indicator

2.3.0-RC9 – mostly interface, sub-dock’s and some icon’s changes, the folder’s structure is made to work with the RC5 release of CD, added like additional dustbin theme, icons for the mail applet, and few emblems

2.3.0-final – new separator, the old one is in the indicators folder for others who like it, also i’ve made a skype icon to match the tango line of the elementary style, and everyone who want to use it, is free to do it without permission :) maybe it can be included in the elementary project :) – fixed the bug with the skype launcher, also added a png icon of skype for those can’t use the svg graphic, and the font used for skype logo, under the icons’ folder – changed the font of the skype logo, because the conflict of the license (arial rounded mt bold is copyrighted and you must pay to use it), the font now used is ubuntu title regular, Sorry

2.3.2 – fixed some compatibility issues with the final version of cairo-dock_2.0.0

2.3.3 – added debian/ubuntu package, some compatibility fixes of the applets of the new cairo-dock version 2.0.2

2.3.4 – some dependency issues fixed, and removed unused files

2.3.8 – some issues fixed with cairo-dock v2.0.6, various tweaks and reduced size of the theme

2.4.0 – made to work with Cairo-Dock SVN, some cosmetic changes and this time it comes wit 4 brain-new gauges i’ve made: CPU, RAM, nVidia, Net. Also added link to explosion theme that i’ve made.

2.4.3 – gericom-cairo-dock, previous known as elementary-cairo-dock, now contains themes, matching the 2 of the most famous themes for GNOME elementary & shiki. Both are now coming with gauges, identical and coloured to the theme. Also some var changes, with the new 5 gauges’ themes and the background. Sync update with the cairo-dock server.

3.3.1 – Fixes with the backgrounds, some plugins, added GNOME weather icons and the original 7degrees weather icons. Using GNOME weather icons as default, matching the desktop environment. New indicators, separators and more.

Downloads: gericom-cairo-dock

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