Digital Clock Screen Savers for XScreensaver Appeared

Today as i was reading my feeds i got into the question of the user Honza Pokorny about some clock screensavers for Linux Desktop. So i decided to modify a bit the file GLText coming with the package xscreensaver-gl and here is the result: some simple digital clock screensavers.

You can try it by adding my repo into your sources.list by reading this howto and then executing in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install simple-clock-gl

or you can DOWNLOAD it to your desktop without touching your sources.list and then test it

There are few in this package, as anyone can modify gltext.desktop file to his needs. And as anyone loves screenshots here are they:

simple clock, colored, with simple date, with full date, and wired.

If you want to modify it and make your version, just edit the file


by changing “%X” at line #6 to something else like

Exec=gltext -root -front -text ‘your text here\n %l:%M:%S %p’

You can find more at XScreenSaver manual

Exec=gltext -root -text “%X” -no-spin

One Response to “Digital Clock Screen Savers for XScreensaver Appeared”

  1. Hal Guandu Says:

    I have installed the package, it is also shown in synaptic as installed (5.11-gericom2), but it doesn’t show in the xscreensaver list.
    How can I make it work. I have no interest at all in 95 % of the xscreensavers choice, what I need is this clock, shown in the screenshot.
    Any advice & TIA
    PS: The download link doesn’t work …

    Hal Guandu

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