Libre Office – OpenOffice fork, sponsored by Canonical, Novell, Google

The community, developing the OpenOffice, today have announced the launching of The Document Fondation – The one that will guide and developing the new fork of OOo, called LibreOffice.


‘LibreOffice to ship in Ubuntu’

‘The Ubuntu Project will be pleased to ship LibreOffice from The Document Foundation in future releases of Ubuntu’ said Mark Shuttleworth on the launch, describing office software a ‘critical component’ of the open source desktop.

Oracle, whose acquisition of Sun Microsystems last year made it owner of’s assets and branding hence the renaming, are not yet a member of The Document Foundation although have been invited to join.


Some interesting you may see in FAQ’s is that:

Q: What does this announcement mean to other derivatives of

A: We want The Document Foundation to be open to code contributions from as many people as possible. We are delighted to announce that the enhancements produced by the Go-OOo team will be merged into LibreOffice, effective immediately. We hope that others will follow suit.

This beta release is not intended for production use!

Also all (x86) Debian, Ubuntu, Mint and other deb-based Linux users can use this temporary repository, until LibreOffice is included in main repos

1. Adding the repository:

echo “ deb / #gericom@hummer | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list

2. Adding the signing key:

wget deb -q -O- | sudo apt-key add –

And finaly:

sudo apt-get update

32 Responses to “Libre Office – OpenOffice fork, sponsored by Canonical, Novell, Google”

    • gericom Says:

      there is some maintenance with tuxfamuly, disallowing to change files. they are replacing the server’s HDD’s. Hope soon it will be ok.
      Sorry 🙂

  1. Steve Says:

    Thank god for that I thought I was going insane! Followed the instructions and nothing…………….

    • gericom Says:

      actually the FTP interface is working, but sadly, not and the web, even if i uploaded them already, they are not showing in the web interface, so we are waiting still 🙂

  2. retnet Says:

    i’ll to try it.

    • gericom Says:

      To me it is working a bit faster than OOo and there are some improvements in the code, you can see it under /opt/libreoffice/
      and the other cool thing it that the splashscreen is png file format not bmp and many other, but remember that it’s still in early beta 😉

  3. gericom Says:

    The repo is working NOW, thanx to the Tuxfamily’s fast team 🙂
    Go on testing 🙂

  4. itsgone6 Says:

    call me dumb, but i cant get this installed. i have the repo set up and key installed. ive updated apt. now what do i install? i tried each libreoffice install separately and then libreoffice* to no avail. any guidance would be great. cheers

  5. GreyGeek Says:

    jerry@sonyvgnfw140e:~$ sudo add-apt-repository “deb / #gericom@hummer”
    [sudo] password for jerry:
    Error: need a repository as argument

    I can edit /etc/apt/sources.list manually, but the update only shows the menu installation deb package.

  6. kurt Says:

    change the curly quotes to regular quotes

  7. kurt Says:

    and also use sudo tee

  8. ben Says:

    I added the repository and the key as instructed. But when I tried to install the packages from Synaptic all the packages are 404 not found. How come?

  9. LibreOffice 3.3.0 Beta 2 is Out! « gericom Says:

    […] Libre Office – OpenOffice fork, sponsored by Canonical, Novell, Google […]

  10. elhuda Says:

    it will replace OOo soonly….

  11. Andrea Says:

    hi together,
    could you guys plese tell the tuxfamily, that there are 64bit-Packages out for download at this LibreOffice-Foundation?!

    It would be kind of them, if they added these packages into the ppa-repository. Thank you.


    • gericom Says:

      TuxFamily has nothing to do with this repo 😉 It’s my repo, just for personal use of some apps, that are not in any repos, or are with sort of older versions. And since i am using only x86 machine, the repo gonna be only for x86 machines 😉

  12. ben Says:


    Don’t know if anyone is still reading this. I just installed the latest upgrade for Libreoffice from the gericom ppa and the program is now broken.

    Tried right click on a file, nothing happens, so the launchers are not working. Tried launch LibreOffice (writer, say) from the terminal with the command “/opt/libreoffice/program/swriter” Nothing happened

    By nothing I mean there was absolutely nothing, not even any error message.

    Also trying to upgrade the help file get the following error in Synaptic.

    “E: /var/cache/apt/archives/libobasis3.3-en-us-help_3.3.0-18_i386.deb: trying to overwrite ‘/opt/libreoffice/basis3.3/help/en/sdraw.cfg’, which is also in package libobasis3.3-en-us-draw 0”

    I run Ubuntu10.10. Please fix it. Thanks very much.

  13. Andrea Says:

    hi ben,
    have you downloaded all necessary packages from LibreOffice?? Afterwards, it is correct, that you have to remove older versions first. Therefore, fo to your Synaptic and open it. There search for LibreOffice. Then uninstall all installed packages first.
    After uninstalling, you have to keep to a certain way of installation. Therefore, you go to all downloaded packages and check the dependencies, to find out, which packages have to be installed one after the other. Then it should work out for you. For me it does!! it runs as smooth as OpenOffice. I am a bit unhapppy about the behaviour of Oracle. This is no way of conduct, how Oracle deals with the patents of OpenOffice. Oracle should really be warned for breaking the code of conduct referring to opensource software!!

    Shame on Oracle for this!! Everybody should really boykott their software. Oracle seems to make opensource-software to closed-source Software. OpenOffice is not the only example which shows this. They did the same with the Solaris-distribution, shich was quite in favor of many users!! In my eyes, Oracle is not worth it, to deal with them. They don’t keep to there promises made!! So say No to Oracle!!

    • ben Says:

      Hi, Andrea,

      I am not happy with Oracle either that’s why I installed LibreOffice.

      I am not sure you need to uninstall old version first if you install from a PPA, afterall this is why I prefer PPA to installing from a tarball.

      It used to work and it worked very nicely. The update yesterday just broke it.

    • ben Says:

      Hi, Andrea,

      I saw gericom’s reply after I read yours. I guess LibreOffice is kind of an exception in that I should remove the old version first.

      Actually there is an easy way to uninstall all the packages. Just go to the terminal and type “sudo apt-get purge libreoffice*”


  14. Andrea Says:

    hi ben,this is also a way, how to uninstall the old version. That’s true!! But I prefer Synaptic as the safer way for not making an error myself.
    Can you tell me, where to find the ppa-repository for Libre-Office?? Then I will add it into my system. Thanks for letting me know about this.

    Greetings and cheers and before I forget it: Merry Christmas to everybody here!!! Have a nice and peaceful Christmas!!!

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