gmusicbrowser adds desktop layout “Lyrics”

As I wrote you before, that gmusicbrowser added desktop and layoutitem widgets plugin, now another cool widget is reaching this great player – the Lyrics one – a nice scrolling widget, displaying the lyrics of the currently playing song on your desktop.

It can be added to your desktop through Settings menu, then go to Plugins tab, check Desktop widgets plugin and then from the menu select Lyrics, and click Add.

You must have in mind, that this widget is still only in the development version of gmusicbrowser, so if you want to have it, you must compile the source of gmusicbrowser:

git clone git://

and then to follow the instructions from the INSTALL file. Or if you don’t want to mess with these, there is already compiled package at my repo:

Don’t hesitate to give a try to this amazing player, already default on my system. You will stay surprised of its speed and low memory footprint!

One Response to “gmusicbrowser adds desktop layout “Lyrics””

  1. ss Says:

    Such a good extra!

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