Ubuntu team puts their icons into purple…

With the familiar brown tones of Ubuntu of yore being replaced with nice vibrant purple hues in the recent re-branding, the  “purplification” of the default icon set had to occur  sooner or later.
In updates to the new Ubuntu icon sets ubuntu-mono and Humanity some icons have started to receive just that – having their old human colourings made-over with distinctive orchis highlights. So far 11 icons in these icon sets have undergone “purplification“. (See image above)

Lucid Sound Indicator Gets Improved

One of Benjamin Humphrey’s “16 things to improve in Ubuntu 10.04” concerned Lucid’s new-look sound applet – a small, square, inconsistent little box.

Some of his gripes were: –

  • The slider is too short and doesn’t let you fine tune volume properly
  • The max volume icon doesn’t have enough padding, compared to the no volume icon
  • The background colour for the slider looks out of place, it isn’t necessary.

Well a much-improved sound applet landed over the weekend blitzing many of those issues.

I think we are going in the right direction.

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