gmusicbrowser adds “desktop and layoutitem widgets” plugin

After so much time of waiting and looking for a widget that i can put on my desktop, interacting with gmusicbrowser, finally Quentin Sculo, the maintainer of this great player, made it!

It has only three layouts for now:

Buttons only

Insensitive, Song & Cover

Buttons, Song & Cover

You can activate them through the settings menu, navigate to Plugin menu and there put a check on Desktop widgets submenu. After that from the fall-down menu you should add the widget you want.

To activate/deactivate it, just put or remove the mark on it, that’s it.

The other new cool thing is, that you can choose the current layout of the player, straight from the menu. This widget is menu that allows changing the player layout among those containing a + in their “Type=”. The idea is to only list layouts containing a LayoutItem widget.

Currently it’s on development version only, so you can test it after execute this code in terminal:

git clone git://

and then to follow the instructions from the INSTALL file. Or if you dont want to mess with these, there is already compiled package at my repo:

deb ./ #gericom@hummer

Don’t hesitate to give a try to this amazing player, already default on my system. You will stay surprised of its speed and low memory footprint!

One Response to “gmusicbrowser adds “desktop and layoutitem widgets” plugin”

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