elementary GTK update

The elementary GTK has received some updates!

The big changes in the new GTK are the new Metacity theme. Totem has received some customizations including some sexy new monchromes.

It also uses some of the new stuff from the latest murrine so panel text gets an etched look.

Download the latest update from PPA: https://launchpad.net/~elementaryart/+archive/elementarydesktop

New default theme in Ubuntu’s 10.04 Empathy.

Yes! Getting rid of the simplified themes for Empathy! It’s time for something new, but also familiar, the new Empathy Adium theme, that we will have in Ubuntu 10.04. David Siegel, who works for Ubuntu’s Design and User Experience team, posted the news on his twitter account, also mentioning that it’ll be created by the designer of my favourite Empathy/Adium theme – ‘Renkoo’.

So isn’t it familiar to you?

If you can’t remember let see it on Gwibber…

…or is it just a port of Adium theme ‘Renkoo’, what do you think?

Either way UI consistency across the default applications equals layout is the best to me.

The New Ubuntu’s 10.04 boot screen

They can’t stop surprising us today. After the new designs, themes, logos, wallpaper and more, it is time to show us the new Plymout theme. From yesterday it is in Ubuntu Alpha 3. What’s next…?

Plymouth theme

The New Ubuntu’s 10.04 default wallpaper

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